Debt Relief Company Comparison



National Debt Relief

CareOne Credit

Freedom Debt Relief

American Debt Enders

ClearOne Advantage


More than 13 years nationwide.
Previous history doing enrollment for debt consolidation. (Knowledgeable from the insider's viewpoint when counseling).


Fees of less than 19% of total debt flat fee.
No monthly fees (monthly fees are not FTC compliant if charged by a debt relief company).
FTC compliant with no advanced fees charged by the company.

Industry Affiliations

Member of Online Business Bureau in 'Good Standing'
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating of "A" or Better
Fewer than 4 complaints closed with BBB in the last 12 months (complaints are a measure of the firm's committment to clients).
American Fair Credit Council member in good standing (also known as TASC, The association of debt settlement companies).
US Chamber of Commerce Member 2014.

Customer Satisfaction

Has online reviews that are verifiable from independent reviewers on a site separate than the company website.
Has over 400 Five Star reviews on or other independent rating site.
Member of NetCheck with No complaints.
Member of HonestE Online with No complaints.
Over 150 viewable settlement letters online, showing settlements dating back to 1998 (and more available upon client request).
#1 rated with Top Consumer Reviews for Tax Relief Counseling.
In the top 3 in Top Consumer Reviews as Best Debt Relief Companies.


Free Debt Relief Consultation
Free Tax Debt Relief Consultation
Offers Tax Debt Relief Options


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Disclaimer: The information herein reflects best efforts to obtain accurate information based on independent investigation of the above listed companies as of 1/4/2014. Information, ratings, fees, etc. are subject to changes and if any of the above information changes, especially for any of the above listed companies, please contact us immediately at to update the comparison spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is for illustration purposes only and you should do your own independent research to verify all the points listed here. While we have made best efforts to verify the accuracy, it is your responsibility to double check before making a buying decision. * Credit restoration requires successful completion and months vary on debt amount.